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A Music Rotation and Review community
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::Welcome to Time Machine: A Music Rotation/Review Community::

Every 2 weeks we will be posting a new rotation. With each rotation we aim to bring you a good mixing of different types of music. It's not limited to J-rock or just Japanese music for that matter but we also will put in things from other countries. It's whatever we feel that you guys should hear.

In addition to the music rotation we will also be reviewing the latest releases by several artist. Instead of just one reviewer for each work, there will always be at least 2. We do this to provide less bias and to incorporate differences of opinion. This way you guys can get a broader view of the work instead of just the raving of a fanatic or the ranting of a hater. =]

::What's In A Name?::
The name of the community was chosen by doaseternity6 & funnyhoney89. It's taken from the name of one our favorite bands, alice nine., first song and we thought it was pretty too. so there.

::Meet The Reviewers::

There are four maintainers at this community:

"No music, no life! i live for music, art,singing and writing. i know it's cliche but it is who i be so deal with it. My favorite bands are Do As Infinity and alice nine.. I'm willing to give any type of music a try and language isn't an issue. i also like studying other languages and i would like to travel a lot and learn more about other people and cultures. hmm...something clever...something clever... oh fook it" *sacrafices a puppy and runs*"

"What to say...J-rock is awesome, J-pop is awesome, Food is awesome. Combine all three and I am in a world of bliss. I'm in to trying everything at least once as long as the risk of death is a minimum, I'm studying Japanese, and currently exploring artists little by little. That's the basic info I guess...want more? look at my profile. Still want more? Message me lol."

"Will review for food! ...... music is for the soul like water is for the body. I'm not sure what else to say. I have a secret elbow and my third eye has still yet to be awaken! XD"

"What is there to say about me?
I am secretly the blue ranger. Seriously. Anyway, I should think it's pretty obvious I love Saruin. Favorite band, in fact. It's also obvious I am deeply in love with Maria. And I don't like to share him. I've been into J-Rock since I was in sixth grade, which now adds up to around 6 years or so. I am commonly found posting on Tainted World or making small fires in my room. I can also speak Japanese to a certain extent. The end."


1) No Flaming! Remember that these are just the opinions of the reviewers and everyone is entitled to their opinion. We're not saying you cannot disagree just please don't attack us over a difference of opinion. Actual music discussion and debate is welcomed though.
2) we do accept request for reviews. Just please don't swamp us with too many request! we do have lives too.here is where you can post review request.
3) we also accept request for the music rotation. if there is an artist maybe you're interested in and would like to hear a sample of their work, you can request that artist and if we have their stuff we'll be glad to include something in the next rotation.here is where you can make rotation request.
4) As far as requesting more music from a specific artist you can do so by e-mailing us at xtimemachinex@gmail.com.
5)always make sure to check the tags page before requesting.
6)All files are for sampling purposes only and should be deleted within 48 hours. XD